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"VICTORIA" is the acronym for one of the seveny-year-old patients of the Children's University Hospital in Krakow, who through the years was the only motivation to succeed and complete the project. Even though she passed away many years ago, her spirit is a part of every treatment where this technique will be use to treat patients. This project aims to show, in various ways (VR, AR, 3D printing, etc.) how a patient's brain changes in response to growing pathology (in this case tumor). Based on what is needed for treetment, the amount of data presented in the model will vary. The model can reveal various structures like white matter (which is white), full-color fibers, single-color fibers, blood vessels, inflammation, implants, etc. All those awesome people made the project possible! Krzysztof Grandys, Prof Stanisław Kwiatkowski, dr Łukasz Klasa, Dr Laura Maryńczak, dr Andrzej Krystynowicz, MBA Jakub Rozpendowski, MBA Thomas Riss Bjornesen, Monika Blak


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